MediMeals 4-Week New Years Nutritional Therapy Program
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Section #1: Diagnosis & Health Goals 

The MediMeals Nutritional Therapy program was designed to help people with diagnosed health conditions to treat those ailments with a strict, science-backed nutritional protocoled proven to retard disease progression and provide the nourishment the body needs to begin healing itself.

Nutritional therapy can be most effective for those with at least one of the following conditions:

  • Excess Weight
  • Depression 
  • Type 2 Diabetes 
  • Pre-diabetes 
  • Type 1 Diabetes 
  • High Cholesterol 
  • High Blood Pressure 
  • Concern of Stroke 
  • Concern of Heart Attack 
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Cancers
  • Chronic Pain 
  • Autoimmune Diseases 
  • Acid Reflux 
  • Insomnia 
  • Migraines 
  • Bowel Disorders 
  • Arthritis  
  • Kidney 

  • Body Toxicity
Are you ready to treat a chronic condition with nutritional therapy in order to explore the possibility of condition reduction and/or reversal through a food-first approach?
Section #2: Understanding WHY Nutritional Therapy

There is a growing number of health professionals that view nutritional therapy as superior to treating disease with pharmaceuticals or surgery.  The underlying reason for this is that drugs and surgery are designed to only treat symptom- many of which symptoms are only masked and even exacerbated by the chronic treatment of drugs.  

With nutritional therapy, on the other hand, disease-promoting food agents including excess meat, animal fats, cholesterol, dairy, excess oils, refined sugars, excess salt, artificial chemical additives are blocked from the diet and replaced with foods void of these disease-promoting agents and instead abundant with the micronutrients and phytochemicals required by the body for healing and long term optimal health.   

In nutritional therapy we use a plant-based diet comprised of whole-food ingredients.  This means that we help you avoid all animal-based foods containing cholesterol and saturated fats, as well as processed and refined foods that are alien to the body.  Plant-based foods have a greater density of the nutrients and phytochemicals your body needs AND contain no cholesterol, less fat and fewer calories.  This reduction of calories and increase in nutrients has been proven as the most rapid protocol to drive an ill person towards sustained health.

By the end of this 4-week program a person can expect to reduce symptoms, lose weight, break habits/ addictions to disease-promoting foods, calibrate taste buds to prefer health-promoting foods and build momentum towards full reversal of conditions, sustained lifestyle modification and optimal health.

Are you ready to experiment with a plant-based protocol, free of all animal products, refined sugars and oils, for 4-weeks in order to discover possible personal health benefits?
Section #3: Understanding The MediMeals 4-Week Nutritional Therapy Program

This program was designed to be easy, convenient and simple, comprised of three components.

EDUCATION: Program members receive practical education throughout the program supporting with program success and long-term lifestyle health improvement.  Education materials include print, digital, video and text message.  We keep our education simple and give you only what you need to achieve your health goals.  All support materials are designed to hold your hand through the program, take out the guess work and answer all of your questions before you have them.

MEAL DELIVERY: Program members receive nutritional therapy meals delivered to their door, nationwide.  These meals are prepared fresh, flash frozen and delivered to the door ready to store in the freezer and reheat easily at meal time.  Each meal is comprised of a hearty cooked entree and side dish.  While these meals are void of many of the disease-promoting flavor enhancers like animal fat, oil, sugar, excess salt and chemical flavor additives, they have been designed to be satisfying and delicious and many participants are surprised how enjoyable meals can be that are aligned with their health goals.  Program participants receive one shipment each week for 4 weeks.  Each shipment contains 6 lunches and 6 dinners. In total, participants receive 48 meals from MediMeals over the 4-week program.  In addition to the provided lunch and dinners, members receive guidelines for breakfast, including whole-grain warm/cold cereals or smoothy suggestions, as well as side salad, snacking and other self-directed-meals guidelines.      

Depending on where in the US you live you will receive your meals on approximately on Tuesday (west coast), Wednesday (central) or Thursday/ Friday (east coast).

Here are some of the meals you will receive in your program.  We do not offer custom ordering of meals, instead we provide a weekly supply of diverse meals designed to achieve the goals of the nutritional therapy protocol.  This program is FREE of common allergens including:  wheat/ gluten ingredients, peanuts, dairy and shellfish.  The program does contain tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds.   

COMMUNITY:  Our previous diet habits have been shaped by community so we leverage a new community to provide support, encouragement and accountability as you form new diet habits.  Through a private Facebook group we help program members connect to each other and form a network of support, transparency and encouragement.  Participants are not required to participate in the Facebook group, but we see that those who do have better adherence to the program and therefore better results.

Are you ready to trust us to feed, educate and support you for 4 weeks to break unhealthy diet-habits and steer you towards your health goals?
Section #4: Price 

The average adult American spends about $500 per month on their personal food items when combining groceries, snacks, eating out, beverages and meal-related transit.  Our program is priced so that participants can simply reinvest what they would have already spent in a month on disease-promoting foods instead on life-changing meals, ready-to-eat, designed for your convenience, health promotion and lifestyle transformation.  

Included in the cost of the program: 

  • 48 whole-food, plant-based meals delivered to your door 
  • Nationwide, temperature-controlled shipping 
  • Whole-foods, plant-based Quick-Start Guide mailed to your home 
  • 6-week education program (spans an additional week before and after meal fulfillment) 
  • Web community support 
  • Free access to a program administrator throughout the program 

Program Fee Options:      

  • 1) One-Payment of $549      (or)                         
  • 2) Two-Payments of $299   (second payment will be applied one calendar month after the first payment is received)
Are you ready to make an investment in your health and redirect money from disease-promoting foods to a meal program that can help you attain more vital health?
Section #5: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions:

Do I need my doctor involved?

  • Improved diet can result in improved health and a reduction of needed drugs and other medical interventions.  For example, if you are on blood pressure medication or insulin, as health improves these medications will need to be reduced.  If you have any questions, inform your doctor of your decision to treat your conditions with improved nutrition and ask for regular visitation and monitoring. 

What happens after the program? 

  • The program is designed to empower you with new shopping habits, meal preparation skills and clarity on eating out that will position you to continue the health transformation and momentum gained by the nutritional therapy program.  Many participants choose to run a second program or take advantage of a step down option in order to continue receiving a lesser amount of MediMeals to the door while transitioning to full autonomy.  These options will be made available to you towards the end of your immersive 4-week program.   

Can I just order meals rather than do the full program? 

  • No, our mission is to help create lifestyle change that leads to health transformation.  This best occurs in a 4-week immersive nutritional therapy environment.  Alumni of this program have the ability to receive meals delivered ongoing to support their commitment to improved health. 

Do we provide allergy-specific programs? 

  • Our meals are void of all animal products including shell-fish and dairy.  They are also void of peanuts and gluten.  Beyond the avoidance of these common allergens, we do not offer programs for other specific allergies.  Our meals do contain tree nuts and soy. 

How do my meals arrive? 

  • Meals are sent in the mail, via FedEx.  With eco-friendly insulated boxes and non-toxic ice packs, your meals will arrive cold and ready to be stored in your freezer.  Participants receive 4 boxes of 12 meals each, over the course of the program, for a total of 48 meals delivered. 

Are your ingredients organic? 

  • We use many organic ingredients as well as standard ingredients. 

Will I like the meals and will they leave me hungry? 

  • Most participants find the meals enjoyable and very filling.  Furthermore, we have guidelines on approved snacks to ensure you get the calories through the day you need.  This IS NOT a calorically restrictive diet.  The program is meant to control what you eat not how much you eat. With the breakfast, side salads, snacking, and ‘self-directed meals’ guidelines there is plenty of room to modulate your calorie intake to ensure you are not left hungry. 

Can I still eat out and cook if I want to? 

  • Yes!  We provide 6 lunches and 6 dinners each week which leave the responsibility on you to provide appropriate meals for yourself for one lunch and one dinner weekly.  We provide guidelines on eating out or cooking for yourself.  Otherwise, if you have other social or professional meal engagements we encourage you to eat your MediMeal prior to the engagement so you can maintain your momentum with health improvement. 

Can I still drink coffee and alcohol? 

  • We encourage participants to drink water as their primary beverage throughout the program.  Having said that, we do not prohibit the consumption of small amounts of coffee of alcohol. Be warned that coffee often contains dairy and sugar and so coffee should be consumed black.  Also, be warned that alcohol consumption can lead a person to become less strict with their diet decisions and this is a time for discipline and focus.

What is your geographical service coverage?

  • We serve the 48 continental states in the United States.  We look forward to our ability to serve the global community. 
Are your primary questions about the program answered and are you ready to secure your space in this January 2017 Nutritional Therapy Program?
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