Nutritional Therapy Science Is Speaking for Itself

Through a growing number of science-backed books geared to health-care professionals, research journals, continuing education, medical organization and peers, more doctors are getting exposed to the science presenting a compelling case for doctors working with diet-related chronic disease to place a heavier priority on diet-change than a standard focus on prescription drugs and surgical interventions.

Whether patients have heart disease, diabetes, obesity or a number of other diet-related conditions, it appears that calculated adjustment in diet can create significant patient-benefit.

In inventorying the diet-regimens which have performed best in the clinical studies, it’s being revealed that a plant-based diet, containing whole, un-denatured ingredients is most touted as the best performed. In fact, some anthropologists state that our species and bodies evolved based upon, and is best positioned to, utilize this whole-foods, plant-based diet.

Here is an easy to read, science-driven article, written for doctors, breaking down the benefits of a plant-based diet and it’s utilization in addressing diet-related chronic disease: Nutritional Update for Physicians: Plant-Based Diets

Whether you are a doctor looking for support implementing nutritional therapy in your practice or an individual looking for support implementing nutritional therapy into your life, place your information below and we will make it easy for you to put this latest science to the test.

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